1. What are the challenges for legislators posed by the Internet?
2. What are the challenges for courts posed by the Internet?
3. Who can benefit from studying Internet law?
4. How many jurisdictions are there in the United States?
5. What is federalism?
6. What is jurisdiction?
7. Which court has jurisdiction to hear appeals in patent rights cases?
8. How many federal circuits are there?
9. What is venue?
10. Where is venue in criminal cases?
11. Where is venue in civil cases?
12. What question does subject matter jurisdiction ask?
13. What question does personal jurisdiction ask?
14. How can a person submit to a court’s jurisdiction online?
15. What is a long-arm statute?
16. What is the public policy justification for small claims court?
17. What is an action in rem?
18. What are the four parts of a court’s written opinion?
19. What is the purpose of studying the rationales of previous decisions?
20. Why do courts adhere to the rule of precedence?
21. What is the difference between binding precedent and persuasive precedent?
22. What are unpublished decisions and what precedential effect do they have?
23. How does procedural law differ from substantive law?
24. How does common law differ from statutory law?
25. How does civil law differ from criminal law?
26. What is the difference between a bench trial and a jury trial?
27. What is the purpose of discovery?
28. What is a subpoena duces tecum?
29. How does a decalaratory judgment differ from a default judgment?
30. When a judge acts sua sponte, what has he done?
31. Explain the term "en banc".


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