1. What are the four forms of intellectual property?
2. List the exclusive rights of the copyright holder.
3. At what point do original works receive copyright protection?
4. What is the significance of copyright registration?
5. Who owns the copyright in a work-made-for-hire?
6. List the elements of a civil copyright infringement claim.
7. List at least three defenses to a civil copyright infringement claim.?
8. What is meant by the phrase "public domain"?
9. What are the four factors that courts consider to determine "fair use"?
10. Is parody a statutory fair use?
11. What is a transformative use?
12. What change did the No Electronic Theft Act make to the law regarding felony copyright infringement?
13. What remedies for infringement does the Copyright Act provide?
14. What alternatives to the Copyright Act might creators have to protect their rights in their work?
15. What are "moral rights"?
16. What is the right of attribution?
17. What is the right of integrity?
18. What are the four conditions used to form Creative Commons licenses?
19. What is the difference between a traditional license and a Creative Commons license?
20. What effect has the Berne Convention had on the use of copyright notices?
21/ What is innocent infringement?



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