1. Why do spammers send unsolicted bulk e-mail?
2. List six methods to avoid spam.
3. Does the CAN-SPAM Act ban spam?
4. List three requiements of the CAN-SPAM Act.
5. What is "spim"?
6. What is pharming?
7. Does the CAN-SPAM Act replace state spam laws? Explain.
8. Give an example of a criminal remedy for spam.
9. Give an example of a civil remedy for spam.
10. What does the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act do?
11. What is a "mail bomb"?
12. What is "permission-based marketing"?
13. Explain what "e-mail spoofing" is and why someone would do it.
14. What is "phishing"?
15. How does "spear-phishing" differ from "whaling"?
16. Give an example of "pharming".
17. What is "social engineering"?
18. Give an example of "pretexting".
19. How does the social engineering technique of "surveying" work?
20. Why is it dangerous to reveal one's Social Security number?
21. Why is there a privacy concern about discarded hard drives?
22. Explain "cookie poisoning".
23. How does adware differ from spyware?
24. Explain the term "drive-by download".
25. Give an example of malware.
26. What is ransomware?
27. How do "wardriving", "piggybacking", and "telecommunications theft" differ?
28. What is "pod slurping"?
29. What is "cyberstalking"?
30. Give an example of "corporate cyberstalking".
31. Describe how a "pump and dump" scheme operates.
32. What are the two major federal securities laws?
33. What federal agency regulates the securities market?
34. What is the NASD and what does it do?
35. What is a "sock puppet"?
36. Give one provision of the USA PATRIOT Act and explain its significance.
37. How might National Security Letters pose a threat to civil liberties?
38. What is the primary concern posed by online gambling?
39. What are the two types of online gambling and how do they differ?
40. List two federal laws used to combat online gambling?
41. What is meant by the phrase "virtual crime"?


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