1. List three economic advantages of digital journalism over traditional jouralism.
2. How does digital journalism differf fundamentally from traditional jouralism?
3. List three practical advantages of digital journalism over traditional jouralism.
4. List three disadvantages of digital journalism compared with traditional jouralism.
5. Why does the viral nature of the World Wide Web make fact checking even more imperative for journalists?
6. How can online newspapers deal with the "grafitti factor"?
7. What is a hyperlocal Web site?
8. What is the purpose of a shield law and who does it protect??
9. How do bloggers differ from professional journalists?
10. Is a blogger a "journalist"? Are bloggers protected as journalists under the First Amendment or state shield laws? Explain your position.
11. If a court were to find a celebrity vlogger to be a "public figure" how would that affect his ability to pursue a defamation claim?
12. What are the arguments for and against a court finding a celebrity vlogger to be a "public figure"?
13. How does a blog differ from a wiki?
14. What is RSS?
15. Give an example of a potential liability issue involving podcasts.
16. What advantage do podcasts offer to advertisers?
17. How does U.S. libel law differ from British libel law?


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