Samantha Stevens is not your ordinary housewife. Samantha has invented a revolutionary new house cleaning apparatus, which she has named the “Magic Broom.” The Magic Broom squirts a cleaning solution onto the floor that is specially formulated to lift up the dirt so that the broom can easily sweep it up faster than you can twitch your nose! Samantha unveiled her invention two years ago in a two-page spread in “Good Housekeeping” magazine. Last week Samantha filed a patent application, however she did not reveal the formula for her special cleaning solution, either in the article or in her patent application, claiming it is a trade secret. Today she received an office action letter from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office informing her that her patent application had been rejected. On what basis could the U.S. P.T.O. reject Samantha’s application?

List the issues involved and probable outcomes.


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