Gilligan received an e-mail notifying him that his bank account would be closed in 24 hours unless he confirmed his account information by clicking on a link in the e-mail and entering his account information on the bank Web page. Gilligan later discovered that his bank account had been emptied. What happened and what crimes were committed?

Mary Ann visited a quilt-knitting Web site and now her computer is running very sluggishly. The Professor scanned her computer and discovered a spyware
program on her hard drive was sending information from Mary Ann’s computer to the quilt-knitting Web site. What happened and what crime were committed?

The Professor drove around the island with his WIFI-enabled laptop until he found a wireless signal coming from Mr. Howell’s hut. The Professor intercepted
the signal and logged onto the Internet to download an X-rated movie Ginger had starred in. What crimes were committed?

The Professor, noting a sign reading “Free WiFi for All Patrons,” stopped for lunch at Mrs. Howell’s Cyber Café Hut. Th e Professor sends unsolicited e-mail containing a copyrighted photo of the S.S. Minnow to advertise his new business, “Ship Shape Computing.” He launches a mail bomb at a rival’s server on the mainland, uploads a Trojan horse to Mr. Howell’s computer to seek out and relay Mr. Howell’s stock tips and transactions to him, and then downloads some images from, a Russian child porn Web site. Should Mrs. Howell face any liability for the Professor’s actions?

Mr. Howell has been using a sock puppet in several investment chat rooms and on several message boards touting the stock of Howell Industries, revealing tantalizing insider information and watching the share price rise 500%, whereupon he quickly e-mailed his broker with instructions to sell all his shares in Howell Industries. What crimes were committed?

Ginger, meanwhile, is frightened by the harassing e-mails that she has been receiving and the threatening messages she has been subjected to in the “Famous Actresses: Where Are They Now?” chat room. She seeks out the Skipper, who is online with 17-year-old Gilligan gambling on the casino Web site. What issues have been raised?

Gilligan finds a shipwrecked house boat in the lagoon and dutifully repairs it to seaworthiness. He then creates a Web site offering both day cruises and permanent
housing on his house boat. Ginger complains that Mary Ann has posted a roommate notice on his Web site expressly stating that she does not want to room with lesbians. She enlists the aid of the Island Civil Liberties Union to file a lawsuit against Gilligan, claiming violation of the Fair Housing Act. Is she likely to prevail?

Mary Ann also sues Gilligan, claiming that Ginger’s online roommate notice stating “women only” is in violation of the Fair Housing Act. Is she likely to prevail?

List the issues involved and probable outcomes.


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