Rod Rebel is a student at Sarah Palin High, a public high school in Wasilla, Alaska. One day after school, Rod rushed home and wrote a blog criticizing his biology teacher, Mr. McCain, for forcing the class to dissect a moose the teacher had shot on a weekend hunting trip. Sarah Palin High has a policy requiring all students to take Biology and participate in dissection, but in past years students had dissected frogs. Rod wrote: "That douchebag McCain made us cut up a poor moose! He is a sick, perverted bastard. We should take our f*ck*ng dissection tools and shove them up his *ss!" The next day, when Mr. McCain entered the classroom, he was greeted by a large drawing on the blackboard showing a figure labeled "McCain" in a dissection tray with a dissection knife sticking out from his posterior. No one claimed responsibility for the drawing, but Mr. McCain complained he was unable to teach his lesson that day due to constant laughter and snickering by the students. Discovering a discarded printout of Rod's blog on the classroom floor, Mr. McCain sent Rod to the principal's office. The principal suspended Rod for 10 days. Rod sued the Wasilla School Board.

List the issues involved and probable outcomes.


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