A group of librarians at the Riverdale Public Library file a sexual harassment charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The librarians claim that they are being forced to work in a hostile work environment, and are therefore effectively sexually harassed in violation of federal law, because of the unfiltered computers connected to the Internet where patrons can access pornography. Upon hearing this, Fetish Freddy, a student who frequently surfs the Web in search of such Web sites, threatens to sue the library if filters are installed. Meanwhile, Miss Grundy, a rather conservative old biddy, has filed a lawsuit against AOL, the ISP, for transmitting the pornographic images. Billy the Kid, a minor, while using the same library computer that Freddy had been using, stumbles across cached images of naked women and virtual child pornography accessed earlier by Freddy. Billy’s mother is outraged and asks whom she can sue. Billy’s father, Hoosier Daddy, visits the library to see the off ending images for himself, and copies the JPGs of the naked women, which Freddy had downloaded from the Playboy Web site, and e-mails them to everyone in his office address book.

List the issues involved and probable outcomes.


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Issues in Internet Law: Society, Technology, and the Law 11th Edition

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Issues in Internet Law

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