Charlie Brown is a black student at Ecumenical High School. Each student is given 14mb of space on the school’s server to use for e-mail accounts and personal
Web sites. Charlie has used his space to set up a Web site promoting his theory that blacks are a superior race and that Caucasians and Asians are inferior races. His Web site includes links to anti-Hispanic and anti-Semitic Web sites. He has an online game on his Web site called “Honk When You Kill a Honkey,” where players earn points by killing white people. Charlie also has a “hit list” page on his Web site where he lists “Lucy, Linus, Patty, and that little red-haired girl” as white classmates he would like to see dead. He has also posted a nude picture of his 15-year-old girlfriend “Snoopy” on his Web site. Last week, Charlie used his school account to send hate e-mail to every student in the school.

List the issues involved and probable outcomes.

Would the outcome be different if instead of using the school server Charlie had used his MySpace account from home?


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