The Skipper hired Gilligan to design a Web site for the island dwellers. Ginger ordered Gilligan to make the Web site as glamorous as possible. Mary Ann told Gilligan it had to be practical, not flashy. Mr. Howell insisted that Gilligan make the Web site a financial and business portal. The Professor instructed Gilligan to make the Web site an educational one. Whose instructions should Gilligan follow and what clause should Gilligan have included in his Web development agreement to deal with this situation?

The Skipper gave Gilligan detailed coordinates to post on the Web site so that they could be rescued but Gilligan made a mistake and transposed the numbers. Due to Gilligan’s negligent error, the castaways’ rescue may be delayed indefinitely. The Skipper promised to sue Gilligan if they ever get off the island. What clause should Gilligan have included in his Web development agreement to deal with this situation?

The Skipper, frustrated with Gilligan’s mistakes, hired Mrs. Howell to type in the correct coordinates onto the Web site, but while Mrs. Howell correctly added
the coordinates she inadvertently deleted several lines of HTML code and now the Web site will not load. The Skipper insists that Gilligan repair the Web site but Gilligan, referring to the Web site development agreement, demands to be paid on an hourly rate to do so. To which contract provision is Gilligan referring?

The Skipper refuses to pay Gilligan and instead asks the Professor to fix the Web site. The Professor not only fixes it but adds many of the features that he originally wanted included in the Web site. Gilligan then informs the Skipper that he plans to sue for copyright infringement. What is Gilligan talking about?

The Skipper tells Gilligan that he is crazy; the Web site clearly states “©2009 The Skipper” so Gilligan cannot sue for copyright infringement since the Skipper is clearly the copyright holder. Who is right, Gilligan or the Skipper?

The Skipper agrees to pay Gilligan to return the Web site to its original state. Gilligan says he will have to charge based on a “major structural change.” The Skipper argues this is merely a “minor cosmetic change.” What contract provision would address this issue?

Af er the Web site is completed, the Skipper wants to add a picture of his boat. Gilligan is not sure if the photograph supplied by the Skipper is copyrighted by the Skipper or the photographer. What contract provisions might be of some comfort to Gilligan?

List the issues involved and probable outcomes.


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